Legal sports betting has arrived at New Mexico.
Even though there are now no choices to place bets online, players at NM can gamble online sports in person at the Santa Ana Star Casino just 10 miles outside of Albuquerque.
More and more US states are legalizing sports gambling and New Mexico is getting in on the activity. With a single tribal casino already accepting stakes, and more expressing interest in doing the same, we expect the state to take steps towards greater widespread legalization in 2019.
In this comprehensive guide to legal sports gambling in New Mexico we will have a good look at the current laws in the country and that which we expect to happen in the near future. We’ll explain where in New Mexico you can create bets and what sports you can gamble on.
Ultimately, we will explore the daily dream sports betting situation in the country and then answer some of the most frequently asked questions about New Mexico sports betting.
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New Mexico Sports Betting at a Glance
New Mexico has become the sixth country to legalize sports betting since the 2018 US Supreme Court decision to strike down a federal ban online sports gambling that had been in effect since 1992. New Mexico joins Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey, Nevada, and West Virginia as part of the first wave of states to provide legal gambling options.
New Mexico’s situation is unique, however. Unlike the other countries on this list, New Mexico saw a tribal casino start taking bets on sports before any official state laws was passed.
The Santa Ana Star Casino & Hotel, located on the property of the Pueblo of Santa Ana Tamaya Nation tribe admitted its first bets in October of 2018. The streamlined which New Mexico has the tribe makes it possible for all kinds of gaming which meant it was free to provide sports gambling following the US Supreme Court decision.
The state of New Mexico hasn’t officially introduced legislation to legalize sports gambling but most industry experts believe it’ll happen soon since sports gambling is already available from the country through the tribal casino.
The Recent Online Sports Betting Situation at New Mexico
There is a lot happening in New Mexico sports betting and We Would like to highlight a few key details before we get into more detail:
Only 1 casino provides sports gambling and now does not have mobile or online wagering.
There are rumors that a second tribal casino, the Inn of the Mountain Gods that’s run by the Mescalero Apache tribe, even in Ruidoso, will start an additional sportsbook in 2019.
Pueblo of Santa Ana Gambling Regulatory Commission will oversee sports gambling activity.
Operations will be managed by Las Vegas-based USBookmaking.
First betting limits are $5 minimum, $500 maximum per wager.
No wagering allowed on New Mexico or New Mexico State NCAA sports.
If you haven’t heard, the recent Supreme Court decision was an absolute game-changer in the United States sports betting industry.
What exactly happened and how does it impact New Mexico?
In May of 2018, the Supreme Court ruled in favour of an appeal by the state of New Jersey that sought to overturn a quarter-century old ban on sports gambling. That law, called the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), essentially prohibited sports betting everywhere in the USA except for Nevada.
Eliminating PASPA gave each state the opportunity to make its own laws on sports betting to decide if it should be permitted and in the form. Four states united Nevada straight off the bat. New Mexico, being the sixth largest in the country, has gone about it in another manner than all of the rest.
As a result of loophole in their streamlined with local tribal groups that neither prohibits or sanctions legal sports gambling, the Santa Ana tribe could and has lawfully established sports gambling on its own territory in an unheralded method. Details of said loophole can be found in the area below.
New Mexico Sports Betting Laws Summary
The largest difference between New Mexico and other nations is a particular part of the agreement that the state made using the Pueblo of Santa Ana Tamaya Nation tribe seeing gaming.
It says that all Class III gaming is permitted which includes both sports gambling and pari-mutuel wagering.
A transcript from the states:
The Tribe may run, only on Indian Lands, subject to all of the terms and conditions of this Compact, any or all forms of casino-style gambling, including but not restricted to slot machines and other kinds of electronic gaming devices; all forms of poker, blackjack and other casino-style card games, both banked and unbanked; roulette; craps; keno; wheel of fortune; pai gow; and other games played in casino configurations; and any kind of a lottery.
Details of the current position are as follows:
The first state to carry bets without official state legislature regulating sports gambling.
Tribal-State compact lets all forms of Class III gaming.
Sports gambling and pari-mutuel wagering are included in Class III gaming.
Betting on all major sports and NCAA with the exception of college teams in New Mexico.
No alcohol will be served in the sportsbook
Sportsbook open Noon to 8pm on weekdays; 7am to 10pm on weekends.
Must be 21 years old to gamble anywhere in casino.
The Annals of Online Sports Betting at New Mexico
If you love gambling New Mexico has been a great place to reside for a long time, because the late 1940s in reality. You will find both tribal and state-based casinos in addition to several horse racing tracks.
New Mexico’s scenario is intriguing due to their progressive approach to age-old regulations and laws. Let’s look at a few of the most historic gambling moments from the country’s past.
1947 – Legalization of horse racing. First legal Pari-Mutuel Horse race gambling starts at Hollywood park – now known as Ruidoso Park.
1978 – Charity gambling and bingo legalized for seniors for smaller bets. Not for benefit of organizers.
1988 – Governor refuses to sign prices for 1988 Federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Loses subsequent election.
1990 – New officials of state authorities re-negotiates compacts with Native Tribes,
1995 – Tribal compacts eventually become law. New casinos established. Horse racing paths allowed to incorporate slot machines as part of this deal in order to compete with casinos.
1995 – New Mexico lottery generated.
2011 – Albuquerque Downs Casino opens, becoming the first non-tribal casino.
October 16, 2018 – The first legal sports bet is put in New Mexico at the Santa Ana Star Casino & Hotel sportsbook.
The very first bet was a $30 moneyline wager placed on the Houston Astros to conquer the Boston Red Sox. The ticket lost.
While New Mexicans have appreciated a progressive stance on gambling as a whole in recent decades, these new developments are certain to bring much more local interest. Since the casino and sportsbook stay private and possessed by the nation, it’s unknown what type of revenue will go to the state.
Tax revenue and public demand are the two biggest factors which push state lawmakers into action and New Mexico appears to have both of these coated.
Which Online Sports Betting Sites are lawful in New Mexico?
You cannot make any sports bets on line in New Mexico, yet. For the reason there are currently no online sportsbooks available in the state.
The following is from the tribal/state streamlined and suggests that online gambling is a possibility but might require the state to legalize internet gaming and make a change to the compact:
“In the event that online gaming is approved within the State, the State and the Tribe agree that they’ll reopen decent faith negotiations to assess the impact, if any, of internet gaming and consider adjustments to the Compact. The parties agree and understand that it is not feasible to determine at this time what, if any, alterations to the Compact would be critical.”
Right now there is only the choice to place bets in person at one of those four kiosks within the Santa Ana Star Casino & Hotel sportsbook.
There are two self-service kiosks available 24/7 and clerks can be found to take your stakes from noon to 8pm on weekdays and from 7am to 10pm on weekends.
It is still unknown if and when online gambling on sports will soon be accessible in New Mexico but for this first sportsbook running the future seems bright.
Sports gaming, especially online sports betting, is a massive money maker and New Mexico is poised to reap the rewards if they go with legalization in 2019.
What Sports Could You Bet on Online at New Mexico?
At the Santa Ana Star Casino & Hotel sportsbook you can bet on all significant sports and many less popular non-marquee sports. It is possible to bet on NCAA sports with the exception of games which involve New Mexico-based collegiate teams.
So unfortunately for fans of the New Mexico University Lobos or the New Mexico State Aggies, watching the match without betting on it Will Need to suffice.
Betting options include but are not Limited to:
Football CFL
NCAA games that don’t include New Mexico teams
Minor league sports
How to Bet on Sports Legally in New Mexico
To place sports bets at the Santa Ana Star sportsbook you have to be of legal gaming age that’s 21.
As they do not have nor function through a mobile program, it isn’t necessary to register for an account so as to place a wager. If they do pose a cell option, simply stick to the sportsbook app’s instructions to install and fund your accounts.
The Santa Ana Star includes a committed sportsbook which has 24/7 gambling kiosks and live cashier clerks working from noon to 8pm on weekdays and 7am to 10pm on weekends.
Placing bets with the kiosk or directly at the cashier is simple. All you need to know is that the game you want to wager on, the kind of wager that you want to make and how much you want to wager. Either enter the data using a kiosk or inform the clerk.
Either way you will obtain a betting slip that you may use to redeem your payout if the bet is a winner.
Is Betting on Fantasy Sports Legal in New Mexico?
Yes, betting on daily fantasy sports betting is legal in New Mexico.
It is legal for people in New Mexico to perform all the major DFS websites including DraftKings and FanDuel.
Locals can rest assured that playing DFS for real money is safe and protected as DFS wagering is controlled by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and the US Gambling Commission.
What Is the Future of Online Sports Betting at New Mexico?
Technically speaking, we’re halfway there already since sports betting is available in the state, albeit in person. That’s a fantastic first step.
Although New Mexico has taken an alternate path to lawful sports gambling, the fact that it already exists in the nation is very good reason to think it will expand and increase over time.
When and if this does occur we will certainly see online and mobile sports gambling available in the state.
What occurs throughout 2019 will be very telling as much as what we can expect in addition to the sportsbook at the Santa Ana Star Casino.
We are aware that another casino, the Inn of the Mountain Gods, in Ruidoso, is anxious to join the mix. A second casino sportsbook could only serve to add momentum to what is currently building.
There are more steps involved with making online sports gambling legal. The current laws will need to be changed and the tribal compacts in the country will need to be renegotiated. Check back on this page soon for any developments as they occur.
Recap: Legal New Mexico Sports Betting Arrives
The developments in New Mexico have revealed a brand new way that sports gambling may become available in different states, even though those states have not passed pro-sports gaming laws.
People in New Mexico are already enjoying live legal betting on tribal property and experts predict the state authorities will be taking a critical look for an official item of legislation in 2019.
Similar to any other state questioning whether or not to make a sports gambling industry New Mexico is going to get a harder and harder time dismissing the chance as neighboring countries start generating substantial earnings.
With New Mexico’s unique circumstances it is going to have the ability to observe how nicely sportsbooks do within its own borders and use that information to make a determination on enlarging state-wide laws.
If you live in New Mexico, then be certain that you bookmark this page and wait for important developments that either help or harm the nation’s chances of introducing more betting options.
To discover more about different parts of the country, browse our guides to authorized US sports betting for each nation.
New Mexico Online Sports Betting FAQs
Is sports betting legal in New Mexico?
Yes, but only at one particular casino. New Mexico is exceptional compared to other nations since while the government has not legalized sports gambling, a legal loophole in the tribal-state compact enables it in tribal casinos.
Where do I bet on sports at New Mexico?
Currently the only place in New Mexico to lay down a sports bets is at the Santa Ana Star Casino & Hotel sportsbook. But, there are rumors of another tribal casino opening a sportsbook of the own in 2019.
If we see this happen in the upcoming year we’d logically deduce that more tribal casinos will follow lawsuit later.
What sports can I bet on in New Mexico?
You can gamble on just about any game from North America and across the world including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA golf, NCAA basketball and football, MMA, soccer, CFL, NASCAR, tennis and tons of baseball.
The only significant exception is that gambling on NCAA games that involve New Mexico schools is not permitted.
What sports are illegal to wager on in New Mexico?
Betting on high school sports isn’t allowed. Wagers can be made on NCAA sports with the exclusion of local New Mexican schools.
Is it illegal to wager using offshore sports gambling sites?
While US law does not make gambling with offshore sportsbooks explicitly prohibited, we don’t suggest it. We propose using the authorized and licensed options open to you. In New Mexico right now that means betting in person in a tribal casino. Soon that may also include non-tribal sportsbooks and online choices.

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